Portfolio 3D

TimeRide VR Breakdown from GROUND STUDIOS

This three houses are made for the TimeRide Project for the Company GROUND STUDIOS.

This Assets are made for a Project OMSI2 for the Company PAD-Labs.

This Assets are made for a Project for the Company A4VR.

The cute little dragon of the playstation 1 Games.

Free time project.

This is Neverland. It is a map scene were you can choose the place you want to go.

This Scene represents the Teaparty of Alice in wonderland. It's a freetime Project.

This grave stones are a freetime Project.

This sale cart is a freetime Project. I made new experience with wood.

Sale cart by IsaW on Sketchfab

This are old and new Swords I made in my free time. Left: old and right: new.

Isa Wartke Copyright © 2018